New Imperial Knights available to pre-order from GW

By Polar_Bear
In 40K
Feb 23rd, 2014

Games Workshop is taking down names of those of you gamers out there that would like their new Imperial Knights miniatures as soon as they’re available. Be the first gamer on your block with these new figures when they’re released.


From the announcement:

At 8 inches tall the Imperial Knight is a towering war engine. Crafted in the Dark Age of Technology and resplendent with gothic details it presents a unique silhouette both in a display cabinet and on the battlefield. Fighting alongside armies of the Imperium, most Imperial Knights are part of a Knightly House. They are affiliated with either the Imperium or the Adeptus Mechanicus. Some Imperial Knights choose to forsake all ties to a noble house. Known as Freeblades, they are masters of their own destiny.

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  • 4tonmantis

    So fun fact.. it’s standing on a 120mm base. Measuring on my screen.. the height from bottom of the base to the top of the figure is the same distance as the width of the 120mm base. GW (like most men) are claiming 8″… when it’s more like 5ish..

    • 4tonmantis

      I just blew the image up until the base in the picture matched the 120mm flight base I have in hand at 1:1 as well as a Space Marine on a 25mm (comparing against a pic on the GW site). For the Knight to be 8″ that has to be a 200mm oval base, otherwise it’s just over 5″

      • 4tonmantis

        aaaaaaand… GW updated the website.. it now says that the kit is 6″ tall.

        Here are some things to chew on..

        They’re still lying about the size. The base is what? 150mm? noooo..
        They Photoshopped the picture with a Space Marine next to it. How do I know this? Because (as above) I scaled it to 1:1. Not only did I notice the base size discrepancy when I did this.. but I also noticed that the perspective of the two bases do not match.. they are somewhat close but anyone who knows how to draw or edit perspective can see that it’s off by about 15 degrees or so. The pixelation on the Space Marine also gives away that it has been scaled and manipulated quite a bit. This is more evident if you blow it up and compare the pixels in Photoshop.

        I am terribly amused .. I think it’ll be funny to see people continuing to argue that this thing is worth it but at (at least) 2 inches shorter than the previous posting… yeah..

  • Warlock32

    $140 for for an for an 8 inch plastic model is so ridiculous. GW has so jumped jumped the shark.. No wonder they are are losing so much market share.

    • 4tonmantis

      There are a ton of people willing to buy at that price just because it’s GW. I’m wondering how long before the Stompa gets pushed up to that point.

  • Hexenjaeger

    You get what you pay for. At least GW offers a quality product for the cash, and if built and painted properly, it’s no different than a Japanese resin kit you can actually use for something more than a dust magnet. The unit prices however, are getting outrageous.

  • Haibane

    Price isn’t massively more than Dreamforge’s Leviathans were, although now with the reduced Leviathan price I don’t see why anyone would pick one GW Knight for almost two Leviathans!

    I much prefer the Leviathans in any case (don’t own any yet though) – these Knights seem to be suffering a little too much from ‘huge shoulder-pad / spindly leg syndrome’. Although I can understand that it does run along similar lines to the design of Imperial Titans.

    • 4tonmantis

      I dunno.. maybe the pre-kickstarter leviathans.. I picked mine up around the holidays for $80ish or something..

  • Haibane

    Yeps they’re $75 right now. Unfortunately I’m in the UK though – looks like over here Leviathans & Titans are running around the same price – 76 Pounds for the Leviathan and 72 Pounds for the Titan ($120).

    • 4tonmantis

      That doesn’t sound right.. they’re $75 USD on the Dreamforge-Games page .. that is pretty strange.

      • Dewbakuk

        Dreamforge have put them on sale to take advantage of the Knight’s release. Retailers who already hold stock probably can’t match the price, assuming they even know Dreamforge have put them on sale as their stock comes from WF, not Dreamforge.

    • Cergorach

      Go to Wargames Stuff => Fantasy Scifi Figures => Dreamforge Games

      Leviathan Crusader £54.50 (free postage world wide)

      Go forth and populate the tables with Leviathans! 😉

  • surprize

    Fair play to them, credit where its due, anyone who can bring such a massive kit in styrene to market has done something impressive. I don’t really like it, and its too expensive for my budget, especially as I don’t play the game having given up GW completely about 2 years ago. Do you think we could get badges/key rings for that btw? 2 years GW free. Like other addicts in programmes.

  • Marauder

    Have to say they do look awesome. Makes me wish I had kept my Adeptus Mechanicus Epic army, which had quite a few of the plastic Imperial Knights. But ya, at $170CAD not gonna be picking that up.

    GW seriously has to do a 15mm scale game – too silly having all these giant minis on the table. At 15mm all this stuff would be great.

  • Haibane

    On the 15mm scale GW game, I’d always thought that 15mm would be perfect for the Horus Heresy – still large enough to get some decent sculpts of the iconic Space Marine infantry, but small enough capture the scale of the battles without the tanks being cheek to jowl.

    • If 40k was 15mm scale I would be tempted in getting back into the game.

  • blkdymnd

    This is the first time GW have surprised me with a price. $140 is modest for GW, I had originally thought these would push $200. I would still buy two Leviathans first.

    • Gallant

      I think you’re overestimating the size of these things. When I first heard about the price, I thought they weren’t terrible priced. Then I realized just how dinky they were.

  • Warlock32

    yeah. EIGHT INCHES TALL. Shorter than a Barbie. Stop drinking the Kool aid folks. I like the 40k universe as much as the next guy (started with Rogue Trader the day it hit the store) but this is ridiculous.

    • Soulfinger

      Having also started with Rogue Trader, I think that nostalgia is the key appeal here. I mean, it’s an Imperial Knight! Like from the old Adeptus Titanicus game! From back when Knight households were fighting Eldar riding dinosaurs! For me, that’s as exciting as all of the revamped classic style models that Forge World has been putting out. I can’t afford any of it, not a damn thing, but I’d play them in an instant.

      • Myrthe

        Summed up beautifully !!

    • PanzerKraken

      Many 28mm basic models are more expensive and smaller than a Barbie as well. OMG stop drinking the juice!!! Don’t buy anymore game models guys, Barbie’s are better value.

      • 4tonmantis

        You’re right.. it’s a luxury purchase.. any way you look at it. I was going to try to post some witty logical response but yeah.. if people want to spend $140 on this, it’s really not different from the limited edition resin mecha kits that have working pistons and ridiculous amounts of articulation. I personally don’t think it’s worth the money.. but I guess that’s the beauty of opinions eh?

      • KelRiever

        PLEASE somebody do a Barbie conversion proxy for an Imperial Knight! Paint and post pics!

  • Nosaj Verush

    I think it’s very cool. But, I also think the DF one is very cool. Thankfully, our world can handle both. I think which you pick depends on how committed you are to the GW fluff vs if you prefer a more restrained look. Plenty of folks fit into each category. Thankfully, I don’t have to pick bc I play Space Marines. Space Marines can’t take these right? Please say no. Wallet starting to groan.

    • Cergorach

      Sure! They can take like three… 😉

    • Myrthe

      You DO know that GW will retcon any early rules and fluff in order to sell more new big expensive kits, right ?

      • 4tonmantis

        GW takes forever to do anything.. if they change it on paper it will likely take them a year or three to change/offer any kind of kit. You’ll likely see third party kits months, if not weeks after any such change.

  • Holy Hell!! 4tonmantis is right. GW did change their website. It now states that the knight is SIX inches tall, not EIGHT as they previously had it. That thing is closer the size of Dreamforge Games’ 15mm scale Leviathan (about 4.5″ tall) than the 28mm scale one (about 8.5″ tall), and with DFG’s sale, it costs more than four times as much.

    • 4tonmantis

      I’m glad someone else is catching on 🙂

      Again.. that model’s height is the same as the width of the base it’s standing on (120mm or ~4.73″).

      Guess what I’m buying 3 of 😛

      • Yep. Thankfully I’ve already got a 15mm Crusader. Just waiting on the extra weapon arms to arrive.

        • 4tonmantis

          I saw a video review of it by a non-GW person (Rob Baer) and the base IS larger than a 120mm.. the kit is shorter than a Wraithknight by a bit though and I think if done properly, the 15mm Dreamforge Leviathan should be just fine.