New Hundred Kingdoms Army announced

Black Orc Games have announced a new army for their Hundred Kingdoms fantasy game.

Bow Vassal

From their announcement:

Black Orc Games is announcing a new Hundred Kingdoms army: The Dominion. This army was created in collaboration with Jeremy Wright. We worked with Jeremy several years ago, as he won several of our art contests. Not long ago he approached us with his first submission to the MiniSculpt program. When we received the first fig (the Dwarf Warrior) we were impressed by the quality. Then Jeremy came with several lizard figs and it was a matter of time before we were thinking about an new Hundred Kingdoms army. Several weeks later we can now bring this to life. This is revealing the complete spirit of the MiniSculpt program where the community is bringing ideas to life.

Today we release the first member of the Dominion, the Bow Vassal. We are still in development stages for this army and your feedback will be appreciated. Beta stats for each fig will be posted when the fig is released.

If you also have an idea or some sculpts that you would like to see cast, contact us.