New Historical Tables of Order and Equipment Available for December from TOEHub

TOEHub brings you more details about various military units in terms of personnel and equipment.


From the update:

New historical TOEs (tables of order and equipment) are now available from TOEHub via Wargame Vault. The new releases for December are:
– US Army TOE 7-18G, Rifle Company, Infantry, as of 1966
– US Army TOE 7-178T, Combat Support Company (Light), as of 1965
– US Army MTOE 7-178T, Reconnaissance and Surveillance Company (Riverine), as of 1967
– US Army TOE 17-157E (SRC 17157E100), Separate Airborne Brigade Tank Company (Draft) (M56), as of 1961
– US Army TOE 55-138E, Transportation Light Amphibian Company (LARC V), as of 1962
– US Army MTOE 55-138E (SRC 55138EP02), Military Police River / Harbor Security Company, as of 1969

TOEHub provides accurate force building information for post-modern historical wargamers. Not simply “army lists,” each product includes personnel and equipment information gamers can take and apply to any rules set they wish.