New HeroClix Player’s Guide available

WizKids have released a new version of the HeroClix Player’s Guide.

From their website:

I’m here today to present the latest edition of the HeroClix Player’s Guide and give you a brief overview of several of the more significant changes.

We’ve been reviewing all of the outstanding issues which have been brought to our attention.  Our sincerest appreciations go out to all of the people who aided us through their alerts on the thread.  Each concern presented was given careful consideration to keep striding toward perfection and clarity in the rules.

First and foremost, I’m pleased to announce the addition of the rules text for several of the recently released game elements.  In section 14, you will find the text of the traits and special powers for the new hotness, DC 75.  We’ve also added the DC Brightest Day set.  In addition to these full sets now gracing the pages of this guide, we’ve got some BIG entries as Starro and Dr. Manhattan can now count themselves among the ranks of those figures listed in this guide.