New Heavy Weapon Multi-Pack from Victoria Miniatures

By Polar_Bear
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Oct 2nd, 2014

Victoria Miniatures has released their new multi-pack artillery piece over in their webshop.

Heavy Weapon Mutli Pack


From the release:

A special deal for those intrepid modelers who like to magnetize their regiments, the set gives you the universal carriage with all the parts to make the heavy Bolter, Twin heavy Stubber, Laser Cannon and Auto Cannon. Each specialised gun can be swapped out depending on your battle needs.

Multi part Heavy Weapons for 28mm troops, adding some serious punch to your artillery and Heavy Weapon batteries.

Designed and sculpted by Jake Schneider. Hand cast in high quality resin.

Supplied with 60mm round plastic base.

Crew and alternate wheel options available separately.

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  • 4tonmantis

    Victoria has been tearing it up. I still haven’t picked up the female guard that she did. The heavy mortar in this release is especially nice.

    The news article is a bit of a misnomer FYI, there is more than just the multi-kit.. there were several individuals. There’s weapons crew too but I think those were already available.

  • mweaver

    Nice editions to an excellent range!