New Harlequins Up for Pre-Order from Games Workshop

By Polar_Bear
In 40K
Jan 30th, 2015

Games Workshop added a Harlequin Tropue and a Solitaire up on their website in their 40k pre-orders section.
No Jokers, however.


From the announcement:

So utterly lethal in battle, most of your foes will be dead before they even realise the fight has begun. These lighting-fast warrior acrobats bring death to your enemies with every squeeze of a trigger or slash of a blade.

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  • Darren Comeaux

    It should be noted that GW is releasing the set with 25mm bases. I thought they were changing to 32mm!

  • elril

    Space marines are on 32mm, do we know everything is?

  • Dean Winson

    GW made an announcement when people discovered the 32mm bases saying that it was purely an aesthetics design so that Space Marine feet wouldn’t overhang the base so often. No need to rebase Marines on 25’s.

    If I remember rightly (and having not read the latest 40k, can’t be sure it hasn’t changed) the section in 40k that lists base sizes lists the minimum sizes for a base. So nothing to stop people using larger bases for some figures.

  • surprize

    Not a fan of these. Think they are a step back from the previous metal ones. Details are softer and the poses are a bit more camp amateur dramatics musical theatre than menacing athletic aliens. Perhaps they’ll be a death jester eventually doing a pose with jazz hands?
    Paint job is not as good as previous ones either, too dark.

    • Nrask

      the single character is amazing and top notch but… is the leader of the troupe prancing?

      no… this is bad…

      • surprize

        If I wake up in the morning and someone hasn’t spliced together a montage of picture of the individuals models zooming in and out and spinning round to the soundtrack to ‘Footloose’ my faith in humanity will be gone.

  • Val Valiant Five

    The last thing I want to do is jump on the “GW is going down hill bandwagon” but… here we are.

    I’ve seen a distinct change in the new models coming out of GW, they seem to be lacking that edge they used to have – literally. The detail isn’t there, or it’s oversimplified for younger hands to paint and put together. I get that they are trying to sucker-in a new audience every two years or so. But to see the same models redone, yet again, and this time taking one of their high-end lines (The original Harlequin troop is top notch in my opinion) and turn it into this cookie cutter look – well, i guess the bandwagon has one more passenger wishing to see something brand spanking new to come out of GW to save its’ butt.

    Oh, and that torrent of rushed tablet-art on thier site is making my eyes hurt… Games Workshop, I say give all your money to John Blache and Ian Miller and let them fix the mess you’re in, you are in serious need of quality work.

    /rant off

    • mathieu

      Huh, really? Which ones of the recent sculpts do you actually find “simplified”? The Necron Overlord is every bit as complex as previously released Necron models. The Grey Seer or Skaven Warlord are not anywhere near “more simple” than models from the Island of Blood set, and the numerous large pieces released lately (Nagash? Verminlord? Glottkin? the list goes on) are completely in line with everything GW had been releasing over the past few years.

      I get that people don’t like these Harlequin models, I don’t particularly fancy them either. But I think that calling it a distinct trend is quite the stretch.

      • Val Valiant Five

        I have found that the models improved over the early years – to a point, and then they went a different route after their spat with branch-off games such as Gorkamorka, Necromunda, and Man-o-War (which where still pushing the envelope imo). This direction I liken to GW trying to make thier stuff look like World of Warcraft, as opposed to the other way around.

        You could say my eye has aged with the models, and I can see the trends and fall-back poses they are getting way to comfortable with using. It’s… boring to the eye for me, and I long to see something truly new.

  • Purple-Stater

    I gotta say that there is just something…. not “right” with the Solitaire, and it’s the same something on several of the Harlequins, and actually on a lot of GW’s more recent plastic kits. It’s a certain “flatness” to curves and angles, that is undoubtedly the byproduct of CAD design, rather than hand-sculpting.