New GZG 15mm releases

Ground Zero Games have announced several new 15mm sci-fi releases.

From their website:

Now, the very good news is that there are some new releases. Now that they are finally done I can give you some hints as to what they are – I didn’t want to mention specifics before in case some things didn’t mould properly and had to be delayed.

So, at the show we will have stocks of all the following:

1) Three new packs of UNSC-Light troops – a Command/Comms pack, a pack of prone riflemen and GMS/P operators, and a support weapons pack with GMS/L teams and Gauss HAMR teams. I know a lot of you have been waiting for these for ages, and I’m very happy that they are finally available.

2) The Hover Truck that we previewed a while ago, available in open pickup or closed van versions – great as a civilian or military vehicle, and the open version can take any of our standard weapon mount fitments (as used on the Bulldog trucks).

3) A new Medium Hover Tank, using the Rommel hull but with an all-new manned turret in place of the Rommel’s remote cannon mount. A slightly more “conventional” tank type than the Rommel, and a little larger than the old V15-15A, this should be a good addition to any hover-mobility force. Supplied complete with commander figure and three gun barrel options.

4) A new variant of our popular 8-wheel AFV family, this time as a rocket artillery support vehicle with a 6-round MRL box on the rear deck; the same MRL unit is also available as a Groundmount version.

5) In the same “family” of vehicles as the 8-wheelers, we have a cut -down version as a 6-wheel light AFV type – very useful for recon and scout roles – available now in light APC and MICV versions, with several more variants to come.

6)…and finally, after a VERY long wait  necessitated by several stages of redesign work to get it just how I wanted it, we have The Crusty Mecha. Some heavy support for those loveable (and popular) little crustaceans, this impressive unit stands about 60mm tall – you’re going to need a bigger bottle of cocktail sauce….