New Guild Ball render

Guild Ball posted up another new render, as well as an update about preview kits they hope to send out to retailers.



From the update:

Hi everyone!

We have been busy getting our retail/demo kit models ready so we can start to roll out kits to stores – here is the final sculpt of the 6 models – Angel!

Our plan is to send these kits to early adopter stores. We will have a limited amount of these kits (3 v 3 Fisherman vs Butchers + QPR, Cards, etc.) so if you are a store owner that would be interested please contact us at Or if you would love to see Guild Ball in your local store, give the details to your store owner to get in touch!

Those stores that already signed up during the Kickstarter will be getting one of these sets – so don’t worry!

In other news, we are finalising plans next week to hopefully be at another big show…more details will follow and potentially a very cool, super secret little ‘thing’ we been working on for everyone