New Guerilla sculpt previewed for Pulp City

Pulp City gives us a preview look of the new Guerillas they’re working on.

From the preview:

Ahead of the Open Beta launch of Pulp City Supreme Edition, an brabnd-new upcoming sculpt for Guerilla has been previewed.

  • Oh, that is rockin!

  • Soulfinger

    Sweet! Way better than the Reaper gorilla with minigun.

  • cybogoblin

    What? No cigar? Madness!

    Still a sweet sculpt, though. Will any other ‘classic’ Supremes be getting the same treatment?

    • Borzag

      Technically Solar already did. I know that the preview for Ace of Wraiths is out somewhere online, and there’s a Nuke 2.0 drawing floating around somewhere too… those are the ones I know of.

      Would love to see a new Zombie Wolf though 🙂

    • Well, not having a cigar means you don’t lose it. lol

  • grimbergen

    Hopefully the sculpt assembly design/casting is better. The one I have now was one of the the most frustrating minis I’ve ever assembled.

    Not only was it a multiple small parts — backpack, ammo belt, each arm was 2 or 3 pieces, etc, but they had minimal notches to hold them together and were designed poorly or had casting problems as there were 3-4 places where I had fill in a ton of greenstuff.

    I’ll have to see the whole minis to decide if I will switch back… I already sold mine off and am using the incursion panzeraffe, which is much more dynamic than this and the reaper chaingun gorilla.