New Grindhouse Games forum opens

Grindhouse Games have opened a new forum for their games as part of the update and expansion of their website.

From their announcement:

We have come to a bit of a fork in the road here at Grindhouse Games. We are within days (or less) of launching a (small) new product line and our website is undergoing some changes to accommodate that. It’s something that needs a forum for discussion! It doesn’t fit on the SoTR forums at all. Incursion works because there are some crossover elements but Incursion has been a tack-on to this forum since the beginning. It’s time for a proper Grindhouse Games forum. As most of you know, Grindhouse and West Wind are two separate companies though we are close friends.

We are deeply committed to each other and the community of fans. When John and I started this forum years ago in support of the game system we developed for West Wind, we did not know where Grindhouse was headed. We still don’t! It has however grown to the point where this forum’s focus will be compromised by further insertions like Incursion. For the sake of Grindhouse Games, all of our current and future in-house products need to have a single point of reference.