New Great War in the East Seperate Heads

Gripping Beast have added a series of Seperate Head packs for their Great War in the East range of WWI miniatures.

From their website:

Just added the following to the Head Sprue list in the Britain & The Empire section: Bare Heads, Brodie Helmet with Neck Flaps, Slouch Hat (Pinned), Slouch Hat with Ostrich Plume, Wolesley Helmet with Sun Flap, Woolly Hats & Balaclavas & Wounded Heads. Each sprue contains 5 different heads and are available here.

For use with the headless Turks there are some German Stahelms with gas Masks available here.

Over the next few days we shall be adding these heads as options for the Section Packs and assorted seperate head packs but if you can’t wait then feel free to place an order for the pack you want and email us with the selection from the new heads you are after.