New Gnosis Troopers available at Studio McVey

By Polar_Bear
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Apr 16th, 2014

Studio McVey has some new Gnosis Troopers available in limited quantities over in their webshop.


From the release:

Gnosis Troopers
Available now in the studio store!
We have just got back from Salute, and as always we had a great time there. All the new Sedition Wars previews went down a storm, with several selling out quickly. As promised, the first of these has now been added to the Studio Store.

There are three Gnosis Trooper poses available, along with sgt. Killian Brace and the Gnosis heavy. They are all available individually, and as a group of five at a special price. We only have limited quantities of these preview miniatures, so once they are gone, they may not be available again in resin.

We’ll be adding more of the previews to the store over the next couple of months, and each time I’ll send out a news letter to let you know they are on sale.

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  • joshuar56

    $30 a piece for minis for a dead game? Pass…

    • thetang22

      Joshua doesn’t always say negative things, but IF there is something negative that could be said….you can usually expect that he will be the one to say it. Believe it or not, I’ve seen him say something positive on occasion.

      • He does have a point though…

        As good as they are, £18 each is a lot of cash to drop on one of these…

        • thetang22

          Considering this is a resin cast, and prices for high-end resin casts from boutique shops (like Studio McVey) have been gradually going up into the $20-25 range for individual human-sized minis, this one costing $30 isn’t surprising since it’s larger than human sized. I have no plans to buy it (because I’m not interested in expensive boutique resin casts), but I can say that the price doesn’t seem that shocking in comparison to products from similar manufacturers.

  • Grim6

    In comparison, Puppets War has 5 Sci-Fi Paladins for $45, and Deadzone offered 5 Enforcers in Peacekeeper Armor for $10.

    I would love to see these three sets, all painted by Angel Giraldez, side by side.

    • palaeomerus

      “Deadzone offered 5 Enforcers in Peacekeeper Armor for $10.”

      That was the price in a kickstarter offer, not the planned retail price, and the Peacekeepers are to be in hard plastic on sprue.

      These are resin masters sold as previews for a soon to come set of figures (probably in some form of restic) that will probably be in a box set expansion for the upcoming Arms of Sorrows (sequel to Battle for Alabaster).

  • odinsgrandson

    The resin minis aren’t really the gaming minis. Studio McVey has some pretty stellar sculpts, and their resins are some of the most detailed out there.

    Their gaming minis have all been released in plastic, and haven’t been as expensive.

    I would expect these minis to be re-released as gaming minis along with a SD expansion of some sort.

    • 4tonmantis

      Yeah, there will very likely be a non-resin edition (probably restic). People unfamiliar with the site should note that many of the items available in restic from the actual SW game are also available in actual resin for a markup.

      As to the “wah wah dead game wah wah” comments.. I have every intention of playing it as soon as I’m done with the models. Hopefully that’ll be after the next edition of the rulebook hits.