New GCPS Units Available To Order From Mantic For Warpath

As humanity has spread out across the stars, they’ve found numerous hostile alien lifeforms with which they’ve had to compete for space and resources. Protecting them and expanding humankind’s boarders is the GCPS. They’ve got a whole group of new releases for Warpath over in the Mantic webshop. Pre-orders are being taken now, with shipping to start in a couple weeks.

From the announcement:

The galaxy spanning might of humanity is on a war-footing. Calling themselves the GCPS, these humans fight not for valor or survival, but for greed and material gain. This is an age of conquest and riches for those daring enough to claim them. Through superior technology, overwhelming firepower or massed infantry assaults humanity will claim the stars as their own.

This month the GCPS are deploying in force! With new army sets and units available to pre-order, there’s nothing to stop you from conquering the stars. Each of these new products will ship from 23rd April.