New Gaming Table available from KR Multicase

KR Multicase has a new 6’x4′ gaming table available over in their webshop.

From the website:

6′ x 4′ gaming table (dark oak colour), including 3 base units with shelves providing dedicated storage space for up to 60 standard card KR Multicases or any of your gaming accessories. Tabletop is mdf. You can customise your WarTable with a choice of 5 different finishes and optional extras such as a lockable set of doors, laminate tabletop and castors too (picture shows optional doors fitted).

  • Riquende

    I wish I had a games room with space enough for this. Oh, and the money to burn…

  • Soulfinger

    It also doubles as a fudge making table. Mmmmmm.

  • Mooniac

    Couldn’t find a price, but it looks like there is nothing but bare MDF on the top. If it actually arrives intact, which is doubtful, you need to figure out how to protect the edges.

    • BlazeXI

      550 quid. Hit the link, you cannot miss it. For this price a carpenter would do several such tables.

      • Piston Honda

        If they were using real solid wood I could see them charging that amount, perhaps a bit more depending on the wood. Fake stuff you find at wal-mart. Nah.

        I’m a wood worker and the one thing that annoys me the most is people who want something for nothing.

  • brainleaf

    just go to a local charity shop and pick up a folding table .or buy 4 cheap flat pack chests of drawers and a bit of 6×4 mdf or plywood.since this thing is most likely just a flat pack why would you throw a ton of cash at this ?