New Foundry Townsfolk & Villagers Collection

Wargames Foundry have added a new Collection of 28mm Townsfolk & Villager models.

Townsfolk & Villagers Collection

From their announcement:

Our great new medieval themed collection features a throng of townsfolk, villagers, clergy and men-at-arms, ideal for populating any Medieval or Fantasy world. We have all sorts in this collection from a beggar to a dancing bear.

  • MED540 Foot Knight Command
  • MED541 Foot Knights
  • MED542 Pikemen or Spearmen
  • MED543 Crossbowmen 2
  • MED544 Townsfolk 1
  • MED545 Townsfolk 2
  • MED546 Townsfolk 3
  • MED547 Medieval Clergy
  • MED548 Medieval Characters 2