New Flames of War spotlights and articles

The Flames of War website has been updated with several new articles and product spotlights.

Firestorm Q&A
We provide some answers to the questions you asked in regards to Firestorm.

Kaukopartiojoukot 1942-1944
When the Soviets invaded Finland during the Winter War of 1939, the intelligence department of the Finnish military recognised the need for specialized long-range reconnaissance patrols to raid and gather intelligence deep behind Soviet lines.

Point Of The Spear: Airborne Commanders of Operation Market Garden
Operation Market Garden was a tricky undertaking. No other airborne operation in history compares to the size and scale of Market Garden. Two American and one British airborne divisions and a Polish brigade would be involved. They would drop behind enemy lines into Holland and capture several critical crossings along a highway that stretched from the Belgian border to the city of Arnhem, positioned on the Rhine River.

Italian Armour in German Service
With the release of the Semovente 105/25, Wayne has updated the Italian Armour in German Service article, showing how to field them in Flames Of War outside of Dogs and Devils.

Brummbär Assault Tank Platoon (GBX35)
Designed in response to the fighting at Stalingrad where a well armoured hard hitting assault gun would have proved its worth against the industrial buildings and factories.

Semovente 105/25 (IT113)
During 1942, the Italian Army considered mounting the 10.5cm gun on the chassis of P40 medium tank. However, delays with the P40 forced designers in a new direction and an alternate chassis based on the M15/42 was developed.

21cm NW42 Rocket Launcher (GE592)
The 21cm NW42 was a larger version of the 15cm NW41, due to it larger size, the 21cm NW42 had five launching tubes compared to the six 15cm NW41. Mounted on a towed carriage derived from the 3.7cm PaK36 anti-tank gun, it featured a stabiliser fitted to the front in order to maintain balance when firing.

Hermann Göring Division Token Set (TK017)
As an elite Luftwaffe division, The Hermann Göring Fallschirmpanzerdivision was originally formed from the Hermann Göring Brigade in October 1942.