New Flames of War Releases & Team Yankee Previews From Battlefront

Battlefront has some big updates over on their website. They’re sending out the next set of figures for the Armoured Fist book for Flames of War. Those are the Valentine tank, as well as the Priest and Daimler armored vehicles. Then, over for Team Yankee, they’ve got two book previews up. The first is for Free Nations, which gives rules for the French, Canadian, Dutch, and Australian forces. Then there’s Fate of a Nation, which focuses on the Middle East and the conflicts therein.

From the post:

Hey everyone! Another week and another website update. Both Flames Of War and Team Yankee have updated with something for everyone and a few surprises. Let’s take a look.

For Flames Of War we have new releases for Armoured Fist. These are the plastic Valentine, a tank from fought from one side of North Africa to the other which contains all the parts to make the Valentine II, Valentine III and Valentine VIII. Also in plastic is the Priest along with the Rifle Platoon and the 3-inch Mortar Platoon for supporting those Valentines. We also have the speedy armoured car the Daimler with its companion the Dingo car. Lastly we have an update for the 90th Light Africa Division. If you’ve already got the Diana or the 7.62cm gun you can now preorder the unit cards separately with them being shipped the same day as the box itself.

For Team Yankee Firestorm: Stripes still rages on with more prize winners being chosen. It is your last chance to submit battle reports to help decide the ultimate fate of Europe and it’s still pretty close. We also have previews up. Our First one is for Free Nations, our latest Team Yankee book containing the French, Canadian, Dutch, Australian forces for WWIII along with their respective army box deals. Our second preview is for the Fate Of A Nation book Of the Arab Israeli conflict. The Arab Israeli conflict represents a seventy year long struggle for control over the land area that is the state of Israel. The two largest conflicts were the Six Day War in 1967 and the Yom Kippur or October War in 1973. Check the website for more details.