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Firestorm Market Garden Campaign
Through June and July in selected stores across the US you can try to change history.

Dicker Max and Sturer Emil in Combat
Two prototypes of each of the German tank-hunter Mid-war Monsters, Sturer Emil and Dicker Max, saw service on the
Eastern Front from 1941 to 1943.

The Spanish Blue Division Goes Under Review
The Spanish volunteers of the Blue Division (so named because of the blue shirts of the Falangist Party Militia worn by many of its men) fought on the Eastern Front alongside the Germans. This division was formed from volunteers in Spain before being sent to Germany for accelerated training and then on to German Army Group North on the Eastern Front.

A Brief History of the Italian Campaign 1943-45
To go along with the recent release of Dogs and Devils, we take a look back at the brief overview of the entire Italian Campaign from 1943-45.

HG Company HQ (GE801)
The Hermann Göring Fallschirm Panzergrenadiers became one of the premier blocking forces in many of the battles for the Italian peninsula.

HG Panzer Grenadier Platoon (GE803) HG Panzergrenadier Platoon (GE803)
The Panzergrenadiers of the Hermann Göring Fallschirm-panzerdivision were the backbone of any divisional
Sperrverbande. Their mobility and esprit de corps had the German High Command calling on them whenever their defensive lines in Italy were being threatened.

HG Heavy Platoon (GE804)
Mortar and machine-gun support is critical on defence. Heavy weapons become crucial in either halting assaulting enemy infantry or in suppressing their defensive fire so you can attack their positions.