New Flames of War articles

The Flames of War website has been updated with several new articles.

Rohamágyús Üteg: Building a Hungarian Assault Gun Battery
We recently asked some of our playtesters to give us their thoughts on building armies from Stalin’s Europe. In the this installment we bring you Nicolò’s thoughts on creating a Hungarian Assualt Gun Battery.

Romania Cavalry Intelligence Briefing 1942-43 Goes Under Review
Romania started the war with the Soviet Union with six Cavalry Brigades (based on 12 Rosiori and 6 Calarasi Regiments, while the other 7 Calarasi Regiments were used for the Reconnaissance units of larger formations), and due to their elite nature they were some of the first units to undergo mechanisation.

Sean’s Shturmovye Batalon
On my first flick-through of Stalin’s Europe the Shturmovye Batalon caught my attention. The force’s ability to swap Storm teams from its Shturmovye Groups with machine guns, pioneers and anti-tank guns (among other things) means that you can adapt your force to suit what your opponent has on his side of the table.

1st Polish Armoured Division
After the fall of Poland all the remaining Polish soldiers, sailors and airmen who had fought the Germans in 1939 escaped to France, fought the Germans again in France and Norway, and retreated with the British Army to the United Kingdom. This briefing has now been updated to bring it inline with Turning Tide and Earth & Steel.

Volunteering at Gallipoli, April 2010
Earlier this year Battlefront advertised a link to the Conversation Volunteers Australia (CVA) website as CVA were looking for volunteers to work in Gallipoli, Turkey on ANZAC day. Upon seeing Battlefront place an advert for CVA volunteers for the 2011 services, I asked if I could write a short article on my experiences as a volunteer for people to read and hopefully inspire some interest in volunteering, but also as a way of thanking CVA for giving me an opportunity to go through this experience.

Death on the Hungarian Plains.
In WI277 Blake and Victor went head to head with a pair of armies based from our new book, Stalin’s Europe. We won’t spoil the ending but Blake’s M4 76mm lend lease Shermans and SU-100s went head to head with Victor’s Panzer IV/70(V)s and Zrínyi IIs. For a limited time you can buy the armies that were fielded in the battle report (and get some of these new vehicles before they are officially released) – numbers on both army deals are strictly limited. Orders will ship in a couple of weeks as the deals are currently sailing their way to our local warehouses right now..