New Flames of War artices

The Flames of War website has been updated with several new articles.

Operation Fischfang
A swift attack against British and American infantry divisions holding the beaches looked like a sure victory. A success in eliminating the Allied landing would be quite welcomed and one that the Germans could certainly use to start 1944 off on the right foot (so to speak). Thus sprang Operation Fishfang, the German counterattack to retake the Anzio beachhead.

Have Army, Will Travel
At the conclusion of the 2008 Late-war New Zealand Grand Tournament, it was announced that an American contingent will be arriving the following year to show the Kiwis how to play the game. Granted, much of the online talk was hyped by the Battlefront crew, but the fact remained that Jon Cleaves and Bill Wilcox (and their ever-patient wives) would be making the trip from the USA for the GT.

Operation Market Garden
The largest airborne operation in history began on a sunny autumn Sunday in September 1944. An entire airborne army was committed in a bold attempt to seize the key bridges over the numerous rivers and canals leading into the heartland of the Reich. Over 4,000 Allied aircraft took off from airfields in the United Kingdom, France and Belgium to launch a surprise assault on German-occupied Holland.

144 Pairs of Boots
Bruce Oberst takes on the challenge of painting 600 points of Soviet Strelkovy in just 10 days.

Updated 5. Gebirgsdivision in Italy 1944-45
Wayne provides an update to the 5. Gebirgsdivision in Italy 1944-45 Intelligence Briefing.

Firestorm Q&A
With Firestorm – Market Garden campaigns running all over the world we thought that this might be a good time to do a Firestorm Q&A. If you have any questions regarding how either Firestorm – Market Garden or Bagration work just add them to the our Forum thread, and in a couple of weeks we will collate them and try to answer as many as possible.