New Figures for North Star’s African Range

North Star have expanded the offerings in their range of 28mm African figures.

Ila tribesmen

From their announcement:

We have added four packs of Ila tribesmen to our North Star Africa! range. Rather than go into detail here, can I direct you to our website, and in the Ila section of North Star Africa! author Chris Peers has written a short but informative background piece to the Ila tribe.

We have made them to use as an historical opponent to our Matabele range, and they can be used with the ‘Warrior Herdsmen’ army list in our rules Death in the Dark Continent.

The Ila come 4 to a pack for £5.50 and that price does include the wire spears.

Our North Star Africa! is a metal 28mm range of figures, and the figures are sold unpainted of course.
To accompany the range of figures and rule set, we have taken stock of the new History book from Pen and Sword publishing written by Chris Peers.

Called ‘The African Wars’, this book gives you a great isight into Chris’s ideas of African warfare that he has brought into the game, Death in the Dark Continent. Normal cover price is £19.99 but we have it on offer for a limited period. We have also put together a collection of Chris’s books on special offer, including his ‘In the Heart of Africa’ rulebooks.