New Fiction piece for The Laughing Moon Chronicles

Laughing Moon Girls is a website devoted to the fiction of The Laughing Moon Chronicles, focusing mostly on the female lead characters. They’ve got a new piece up based around the Raven Duchess.

From the update:

As a supplement to the Adventures Under the Laughing Moon RPG, we have a website that showcases fiction based around a number of characters found in the tabletop game. The site is our way of telling a story through fiction and photography, with a showcase on the female lead character. Below is the latest update to that site, featuring one of the villains of the Laughing Moon World.

More than a thousand years ago a young gypsy girl was born in the shadow of prophecy. Tragedy led her to a path of revenge and madness drove her into the dark. But it was the hand of the Carrion King that guided the Raven Duchess to her true destiny.

New fiction has been published today on exploring one of the most infamous villains under the Laughing Moon.

  • cama

    That totally looks like Kristen Stewart in about 10 years. Or maybe sooner.

  • lordofexcess

    I don’t see how these guys stay in business, their games suck … other than the cheap T&A they hire to promote their lackluster soft core porn products … what is the point? So many other similar games on the market that are far better. What is the nexus to TGN … this is a little racy and not very work friendly if someone happened to click on their site. The guy who “writes” this stuff Todd VanHooser is supposedly a high school teacher? A few years back they were making the convention rounds and had a little more standard approach … I think Todd sunk alot of money into this and is desperately trying to recap his investment and/or trying to gain notoriety … through the power of boobies I guess. I won’t argue that is a very powerful force … indeed … I just think there are better sources of it and we can all find that somewhere other than TGN.

    Just my worthless two cents though …

  • lordofexcess