New February releases from Hinterland Miniatures

Hinterland Miniatures has several new releases for February available over in their webshop.

From the release:

I’m pleased to announce a hodgepodge of new releases at Hinterland, including the Trench Raiders – Lancer, the Hussars – Gun Crew, and the Sailors – Maxim PomPom. All sculpted by the talented Paul Hicks, with accessories by eBob and Brent Dietrich. Thanks for your interest.

  • Ghost

    Disappointing that the Trench Raider cavalry have long valkyrie braids. Actually all of his Trench Raider models are long-braided females. Nice to see a theme but if they were male I’d be able to use them for something slightly more historically accurate. Oh well if I ever want a Sucker Punch or Sisters of Battle force I know where to look (sadly I do not want either of those things).

    • To be fair the Hinterland range is almost exclusively female- one pack being the exception. It would be contrary to do male cavalry, and he pretty clearly states it is sort of a one-off thing.

      It would be easy to do gas mask Uhlans if you really want them, there’s loads of aftermarket gas mask heads and at least two companies that make WWI Uhlans. The horse gas mask would be the real challenge.