New Father Tilly scenario supplement at Saber’s Edge

Werber-Bamberg-LechSaber’s Edge is now selling a PDF version of the latest Father Tilly scenario supplement. The PDF is available for $5.00 US.

From their announcement:
Werber-Bamberg-Lech. Thirty Years War Scenario Supplement for Father Tilly

Saber’s Edge is proud to offer this supplement, designed for Stephen Danes’ Father Tilly rules.

The supplement covers the end of the conflict between King Gustavus of Sweden and his bitter opponent Count Jean Tserclaus, Baron of Tilly, commander of the Catholic forces in Germany.

Three scenarios are described: the first (the skirmish at Werben) is a small encounter game that does not require huge numbers of figures and can easily be handled by two players. The next (Bamberg) is a larger affair that requires a more substantial commitment in time and figures. This game can be played with up to two or three players per side. And, finally, the last scenario covers the Battle of Lech. This is a large battle requiring around two hundred and fifty figures per side, three to four players per side plus a good five or six hours gaming.

The Lech scenario is based around a river crossing under heavy enemy fire and contains special rules for boats, bridges and other details that allow such actions.

Players will need a copy of The Swedish War gaming supplement for the details of Swedish generals, troops and tactics, to properly use these scenarios.

The Battle on the Lech was Tilly’s final battle. Defending a river crossing to prevent the Swedish forces from crossing into Bavarian territory, the old Catholic general suffered a fatal wound while encouraging his beleaguered troops to stand fast in the face of punishing Swedish artillery fire. Will the Imperial army suffer the same fate as the historical outcome or can they deliver a major reverse to the great Swedish king?