New Faction Wars miniatures coming

Fire and Forget Games will soon be releasing miniatures for their Faction Wars sci-fi rules.

Agostino Grand Family

From their announcement:

Fire and Forget Games are pleased to announce that they will be launching the first box set from its range of miniatures for the Faction Wars game.

The Agostino Grand Family box set will contain 9 individual characters, 4 aerobots, plus bases and profile cards for each model. The models are 28mm and suitable for use with other sci-fi gaming systems.

The box set will be unveiled at Warfare in Reading on 20/21 November and available from the Faction Wars web site following the show.

Faction Wars is a sci-fi skirmish game for around 10-15 models per player. You can find out more at the web site: where you can also see photos of the models.