New Evil Trees available at Victory Force

Victory Force knows summer is more than half over and is getting set up for the spooky season that follows with the release of their new Evil Trees.



From the release:

Ol’ Dry Rot and his Knotty Cohorts are now ready at VFM.

Withered, gnarled, and crooked, these trees “gone bad” will waylay and accost travellers by shifting their location, moving landmarks, and throw things to confuse and confound travellers into losing their bearings.

Ol’ Dry Rot This Hulk stands about 80mm tall (3″) and is about 30mm wide. Finished piece is almost a half pound in weight. The trunk comes in 3 pieces and is hallow when put together. Kit contains the trunk pieces, 6 limbs, and a piece representing a root tip coming out of the ground.

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