New episodes of ReaperMinisTV now available

Two new episodes of ReaperMinisTV are now available to view.

From their announcement:

Hello everyone,

Two new episodes of ReaperMinisTV have been posted.

In episode 049 we start off with a set of miniatures that really exemplifies the reason for the Christmas season, The Nativity. We’ll then see some new mouslings (Santa & Helper) and then get to Reeve the Pious, an Astral Reaver Monk, Stefan Von Kruger, a Mocking Beast, and a Goroloth Drone. Merry Christmas, everyone.

Then in episode 050 (the last episode for 2010 but of course, we’ll be back in 2011 starting in January) we start off with new figures for the Warlord Icingstead army, a Yeti Warrior and a Barbarian Berserker. Then we take a look at some Rift Blights, a Design-Your-Own-Miniature winner, Blackjack (a Pathfinder thief-type figure) and Despora Azinrae (an awesome Dark Elf from the Pathfinder line) and then we finish things off with two new Zombie Survivors. Happy New Year, everyone.

Thanks for watching.
Mark, RMTV