New episodes of ReaperMinisTV available

Two new episodes of the ReaperMinisTV vidcast are now available for viewing.

From their announcement:

Hello everyone,

We’re back with two more new videos for November that you can see.

In episode 045 we take a look at some figures from the Chronoscope line (Zulu Warriors II, Smedley Cloverdash and Abraham Van Helsing), P-65 (Nathrae teh Dark Elf Cleric, Moor Hound and a Crystal Golem) and one from the Pathfinder line (Hookmaw Kreeg).

Then, in episode 046 we start off with an update of the Razig army that I’m building and painting. Then we get into regular reviews with Warlord figures (Hania Ghostmane Warrior, a dwarven Ram Rider and a dark elf Darkshade Raider), Pathfinder figures (Queen Ileosa of Korvosa, Eando Kline and Shalely an Elf Ranger) before we finish up with a preview of a new Owlbear figure.

We have another giveaway coming up soon. It will be an early-December giveaway for Christmas. A random subscriber will win a $30 Reaper gift certificate so if you’re not a subscriber yet now’s the time to become one.

Thanks for watching.
Mark, RMTV