New Dwarves available from Copplestone Castings

Copplestone Castings has three new sets of 10mm dwarves available in their webshop.


From the release:

After a very long break I have finally added some new packs to our 10mm fantasy range:
FM20 Dwarf Warriors
FM21 Dwarfs with Axes
FM22 Dwarfs with Spears

The Dwarfs are all around 9mm tall (about the same height as the orcs) – in comparison our humans and half-orcs are around 11mm tall.

Like the rest of the range each pack is designed to make a unit of three 40 x 20mm stands, including one command stand. Unlike most of the earlier 10mm packs I have designed the Dwarfs so that they can easily be separated into single figures (or left in pairs for quicker basing).