New Dwarfs Available to Order for Age of Sigmar

Any my axe!
And My axe!
and my Axe!
And My AXE!
Well, let’s just say that if you feel your Age of Sigmar forces are lacking in axes, now is the time you can remedy that by getting some new Dwarf miniatures that are available for pre-orders over in the Games Workshop webshop.

Full, beautiful, and bushy beards are certainly on display as various new units are up for offer. There’s the Vulkite Berserkers, Hearthguard Berserkers, Auric Hearthguard, and the Auric Runemaster (I’m not sure it was a requirement when naming them that each one must share a word with the others, but it’s what happened). These new kits are available in various groupings, depending on how many new dwarf minis you want.

There’s also a new novel available pitting Sigmarans against Nagash, if you’re into that sort of thing.


  • BDUB

    I have to say that I can’t look at these without thinking of a Ginger Midget Gwar cover band.

    • zemlod

      Gwar. Gwar never changes.

  • DB

    Can someone please buy those dwarves some pants?

  • Purple-Stater

    Greco-Roman-Mayan-WTF? I can’t grok that aesthetic.

    • They’re trying to touch many cultural bases with this one.

  • TredHed

    I cant decide if I like these or not. Dwarves are my favorite fantasy race and I use them for pretty much everything. These…..I just dont know yet…..

  • Michael

    Like Gwar, but shorter and less subtle.

  • Michael

    Dammit, I shoulda read further down the line first! So yeah, that look really comes across, doesn’t it?

    • I’d be all for a Gwar cover band that dressed up as GW dwarves.