New Dwarfs, Abyssal Dwarfs and Supplement coming to Kings of War

By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy
Mar 20th, 2014

Mantic takes a breather from the sci-fi sports games to give us a note about upcoming releases for Kings of War.


From the announcement:

Kings of War is the game of epic fantasy battles and the next two months sees the launch of the new Hellfire and Stone supplement, as well as brand new additions to the Dwarfs and Abyssal Dwarfs.

Ready your swords and gather your army, war is coming to Mantica!

Check back on Friday for more previews and all you need to know about the Hellfire and Stone supplement!

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  • 4tonmantis

    I love love love the Badger Cavalry. If they can actually mold and cast these things without screwing them up, I’d buy at least 1 for painting.

    However, the Abyssal Dwarves look like they’ve made off with the old wood cookstove.

    • Soulfinger

      Probably didn’t want them looking out of place side-by-side with the old GW figures. Then there are the Forge World ones . . . WOW! Makes me want to moonlight as a neurosurgeon so I can start an army.

      • 4tonmantis

        There are probably a dozen or so companies making Chaos Dwarves.. do they even have a playable army in WHFB???

        I haven’t played WHFB in years.. I am actually thinking of KoW when they do another Kickstarter.. From what I hear it’s a lot less of a headache and they don’t really care if I use 60ish cent per model WGF Skeletons etc.. I’m not a fan of a huge portion of their sculpts but accessible rules and a more friendly community are certainly more appealing.

        • Soulfinger

          It’s playable through the army list in Forge World’s “TAMURKHAN THE THRONE OF CHAOS” book. £45, but it does look beautiful. I can’t afford any of it, but it is one of those lines where they took some of the worst minis in the history of GW and revamped them into some of the best, while maintaining the original aesthetic, which I never imagined would be salvageable. With Mantic, it’s just like Squats or space Skaven. They are doing a good job of satisfying demand when GW drops the ball.

        • Major_Gilbear

          Since KoW uses a unit’s footprint to determine how “big” it is, and not the actual number of models, it is quite possible to use a smaller number of pricier figs all mounted on one base if you prefer.

          This allows less organised races to deploy blocks of troops that look like a rabble instead of a neat ranks, and for elite units to use a sparser more spread-out look if you want. Plus, if you use fewer models, it is also less painting! ;0)

          Personally, whilst I have no strong objection to Mantic having WHFB equivalents, I would rather that they did their own thing and develop their own fantasy races. That also applies for doing “dark” versions of factions, which I find a bit tiring after a while. I also think they need to employ better sculptors for their KoW line, as there are far too many really duff models in it. =0/

          • Soulfinger

            Really, the quality issues are my only gripe with Mantic. Some minis, like their ghouls, look great to me, but others look mid-90’s GW awful, and that lack of consistency is an issue for me. Actually, its lines like this one that make me feel like they are competing with the mid-90’s GW range. I expect that the WH equivalents are their bread and butter though. Putting out “original” armies can be disastrous for a company . . . unless they Kickstart it. Gamers vote with their dollars and inevitably end up voting for the same candidates year-after-year.

          • Major_Gilbear

            I understand that there are lots of people who will just want a cheaper alternative for WHFB army “X”, but it doesn’t do a company much good if your reputation is based on making cheap alternatives for WHFB… And a lot of such players will likely still prefer to buy GW if they can.

            Even if Mantic stick with Orcs, Elves, and Dwarfs though, I would still prefer to see them given their own twist.

            For example, their Dwarfs might be beardless evil magic users and slavers. Their elves might be inclined to using technology considered highly advanced by other races. Their Orcs might be consummate Mercs who are highly organised and will always fight for the highest bidder. Humans might be at the bottom of the pile in terms of technology, magical talent, or skilled fighting power, and have make do with raw numbers and desperation instead.

            Each of those races could still have some WHFB equivalents, but when something that has appeal in its own right and a good ruleset to go with it… Why bother (at least past a certain point)?

            Even companies like PP or Wyrd, whose settings might not be fully original, still manage to put new twists on established archetypes. And they do it very well too.

            The idea that it makes commercial sense to copy GW is partly why I think they struggle to appeal to more people than they do (ironically). That, and piss-poor sculpts.

          • Soulfinger

            I get what you are saying, and I think all reasonable players want something crescent fresh, but fantasy with a twist inevitably doesn’t go too well for most companies.

            I think Privateer has done well because they initially targeted a demographic that’s already balls deep in the hobby but disillusioned — the “I’ve been playing for 10 years, and GW still won’t publish my fan-fic” crowd. Mantic has the disillusioned player base down to a tee, but I get the impression that they are pulling in a younger demographic. For a teenager new to gaming, bearded dwarves and orcy orcs are still unexplored territory, which lands more eclectic stuff like Zenit’s ‘NotDead’ figs in the clearance bin.

            With Wyrd, I kinda wonder if they got a boost with their Victorian-esque horror setting from people seeking an alternative to White Wolf’s stuff around then. It seems like it was mostly just right place at the right time, as steampunk was going mainstream and the first cons were being organized for monocled nerds. Mid-2000 was the gloom to brass transition.

          • 4tonmantis

            The thing is, Mantic continually claims they don’t want to be seen as a cheap GW knockoff.. but then they turn around and re-tread the same tired ideas GW has worn thin.

            On the discussion someone mentioned releasing new armies can be disastrous.. but the thing is.. releasing old armies can too.. especially if your pricing or sculpts are not jaw dropping. Mantic is a tad cheaper to much cheaper but they aren’t Warzone 80 for $40 cheap or WGF $16 for 30 skeletons cheap.. so they’re not taking the cake in that department.. and they do have some very nice models.. but I think the majority of their models are nothing new and there’s way more mediocre sculpting in their range than their is good to amazing.. As a matter of fact.. I don’t know of any Mantic sculpts that I would describe as amazing.. just pretty good. Then there’s their tendency to screw things up when it comes to production time. Bad molding, sloppy casting, and IMO a substandard material (I hate restic with a passion) are all things that I associate with Mantic as a brand. That is not a good first impression.. especially when that impression was made from me going on a limb to back Deadzone.

            Mantic’s message is cool.. I even like their setting..though it needs more fleshing out.. but they need to change their practices and step out of GW’s shadow.

        • KelRiever

          There’s no headache playing Warhammer anymore, with fresh new dumbed down rules and recycled art.

          I will give GW credit for mostly awesome models, even if they are generally not universal for other fantasy worlds and cost a mint to use. But really, GW models are best used with other rule systems now, so that you may a ) field an army you might actually be able to paint within a year and without it looking like you sent it for a hosedown, and b ) play with rules that are actually interesting.

          • 4tonmantis

            That’s the thing.. I learned WHFB 5th edition.. I don’t want to learn a new game system every time GW thinks they need to release a new starter set. If they want to make revisions .. fine.. but these clumsy rules that reinvent the wheel a little too often are tiring. I do find the regiment moving system to be tedious.. not difficult to understand just not something I enjoy.

          • I can’t reply to your very long n slim column up there, but I completely agree on your points about Mantic. They are likable as a company etc, but they fall short on a number of points like you say. I want and wish for them to be better, heh.

  • parrot1500

    I gotta go on record as saying I like these a lot. And I know the price will be reasonable, cause it’s Mantic. YMMV but I’m happy…