• blkdymnd

    Oh hell yes! Alot of happy gamers on both sides will be happy with the new previews

  • Concrete

    …though FFG might want to check the translation. Currently, the Zombies are “underdead” instead of undead (“Untoten” (Undead) would be the correct word). 😉

  • wildger

    Zombies….. this is what people are hoping for. Does this mean that walkers are going to be obsolete?

  • Walkers are definitely NOT obsolete. It is just the expansion of the game following the established backgrounds of the comics and backgrounds booklets.

  • Sad face! Undead? (sorry “under dead”)

    Guys, that bandwagon left a couple of years ago.

    • -DE-

      With AT-43 ONI?

  • Grim6

    Very cool! This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for since the game first came out.