New Dust Tactics releases from Fantasy Flight Games

Fantasy Flight Games has some new units and even some new terrain out for their Dust lines.

First, of course, people are going to want to see the new units. They’ve got the new Rattler/Cobra walkers, and a pair of SSU units, the Specialists and the Rifle Team.
Next, they have a new piece of building terrain to make your tabletop look more interesting.

  • TomasT

    Is there a review available for this game anywhere.. I like the setting and the minis… but rules are somewhat important too.

  • bobby.hostile

    Tactics the board game version is pretty good and plays well. Warfare, the minis TT version has serious balance issues and IMHO, is not fun.

    • TomasT

      Thanks… That’s a shame…

      • Um, I would look into it a bit you might feel differently. My friend and I just played our first game (Warfare) and had a ton of fun. We can’t wait to play more, the rules are great.

  • blkdymnd

    Both are fantastic. Tactics has a lot of depth and strategy for a gridded mini’s game and Warfare is probably one of the best set of tabletop rules out there. There are pretty much zero balance issues and I’d actually pretty interactive. Definitely google up some reviews on both, there are a ton out there.

  • Nivanti

    Generation d6 has a great podcast review, beasts of war have a review or go to the main fantasy flight games site and read on the message board.

    I play both tactics and warfare and both are excellent! models are excellent, rules are simple to learn but hard to master, the minis can be used for both games. I don’t find the game unbalanced at all, sure each faction plays differently but it would be boring if they all played the same.

    Chose your army, learn its strengths and weakness and just have fun!!

    If on Facebook there are a couple of Dust groups where people will gladly answer any questions.

    • TomasT


  • Grim6

    Have to disagree with bobby.hostile (ironic name?). Dust Warfare very quickly became my favorite ruleset.

    It has an awesome reaction and suppression mechanism that actually makes makes fire and maneuver interesting. It’s not the usual mob o’ dudes moving to optimal range to kill each other. You often find yourself in interesting tactical situations where your squads have to support each other in order to allow you to close with and destroy the enemy.

    I haven’t seen any balance problems, and it seems to me from the forums that the majority of people playing think the forces are evenly balanced.

    Definitely recommend checking it out!

  • Haibane

    Eh, those allied walkers are looking pretty dumb. SSU infantry look cool, but their walkers and helicopters look so toy-like its put me off that faction for good.

  • I think the allied walkers and SSU walkers look pretty sweet. I do agree about the SSU transport chopper.

  • blkdymnd

    I’ve been an allied player from the beginning, and as much as I love the medium ‘Mickey’ walker chassis, I don’t care for the running legs. Saying that, the new turret design for the Cobra variant is fantastic looking and still fits on the non running chassis. I will have to see if I can convert those running legs differently

  • Nivanti

    Running legs do look abit stupid to me but I’m an axis player so look forward to blowing the silly legs to pieces 🙂