New Dark Young photo

Blackball Games have posted a new photo of a painted sample of their Dark Young miniature comparing the size of it and the Muvian cultist figure they also released.

Dark Young and Muvian Cultist
Dark Young and Muvian Cultist
  • HMV

    That’s a funky proxy Hydra right there…

  • Osbad

    Nice original sculpt. It’s a style of “demon” I haven’t seem anyone else do before. Or maybe I’m being swayed by the nice paint job?!

  • mathieu

    Just realized it was a concept by Brian Snoddy and a sculpt by Jason Hendricks, both of PP (among others) fame. I quite enjoy the irony of such a beautiful, very large (over 200mm tall, and probably even longer from the pictures), and relatively inexpensive resin model right when PP is coming up with their own which are smaller, not as finely detailed, and much pricier.