New Dark Eldar and terrain releases

Games Workshop have added several new 40K Dark Eldar figures and two terrain kits to their online store.

The Ravager box set contains 157-piecies including darklances, disintegrator cannons, and a selection of aethersail configurations and prow designs. This vehicle is excellent for ambushing and destroying enemy tanks in a single, devastating pass.

Hellions are savage airborne terrors. Within each box set are five multi-part plastic figures, featuring three variations of skyboard, ten different heads, five different bodies, and all of the weapon options as listed in Codex: Dark Eldar.

Urien Rakarth
The Master Haemonculus, Urien Rakarth, has long since mastered the dark arts of the flesh. His ichor gauntlet wounds enemies on a 3+, inflicting instant death – he is exactly what you need in order to dispose of enemy HQ.

Mandrakes exist both in reality and a cursed otherworld. The new box set includes five finely-detailed metal miniatures with three variations. Because of their unsurpassed stealth, Mandrakes are ideal for ambushing your enemy units.

Witchfate Tor, Tower of Sorcery
Sculpted by Dave Andrews, Witchfate Tor, Tower of Sorcery stands four floors high. With rooms in which to place your models, ledges, battlements, a secret door, it is a remarkably detailed building. Add this resplendent structure to your gaming table.

Dreadstone Blight
Dreadstone Blight is a ruined tower, which acts as a ruined structure for your battlefield. The base features the Wheel of Magic, while the walls and floors can slot into numerous decayed configurations. Order Dreadstone Blight today.