New Dark Angels Codex and Chaplain Up for Order from Games Workshop

I like green. It’s my favorite color. A nice dark green of an ivy leaf after a morning storm… *wistful sigh*
Wait, what happened? I floated away there for a moment.
Anyway, back when I played 40k, my two factions were Orks and Dark Angels (so I didn’t have to keep track of as many pots of paint). Well, Dark Angels have a new codex up for order as well as an Interrogator-Chaplain in their webshop.

The codex comes in at one hundred and sixty pages. That’s quite hefty a page count for an army book. There’s a detailed history of their history along with all the rules you need to play them as a fighting force.
There’s comprehensive force list as well as three new detachments, with new tactical objectives, and warlord traits and relics specifically for the chapter.

As for the Interrogator-Chaplain, the mini comes in at 10 pieces. The model is armed with a Crozius Arcanum and a Power Fist (for justice!).



    Fist pump!

    • DB

      You’d fist pump too if you made an incredibly sweet putt on the 18th with your Crozius. He’s certainly going to win the Cadia Open.


        He really redeemed himself after complaining about all of the rock slabs jutting out of the green.