New Cultists for Strange Aeons

By tgn_admin
In Horror
Feb 1st, 2011

Uncle Mike’s Worldwide have released a new pack of Cultists figures for their Strange Aeons Cthulhu based skirmish game.


From their website:

It’s a new month, which means it’s time for a new miniature.  February brings a new trio of Cultists: the ever-popular Suicide Cultist (previously only available as a promotional figure) is accompanied by compatriots wielding a meat cleaver and a bolt-action rifle.  Head over to our online store and let the mayhem commence.

Uncle Mike and his lab assistant will be making an appearance in Vancouver at Cthulhupalooza 2 on Friday, February 18th.

Our first collaboration with Strange Aeons magazine was so successful, they’ve invited us to do it again. The just-released Issue Four features another two page rules supplement designed to let you have a little eldritch fun in the icy grip of winter.

One final note: due to an overwhelming number of spam comments on the site, we’ve been forced to completely disable commenting. If you’re interesting in discussing the game, please head over to the forum or send us a message.

  • Anyone play? I just ordered rules and figs last night

    • Zac

      I do when I get the chance. Fun game. East campaign system and its simple enough to build stats for your own beasties.

    • What Zac said. Games are fast and brutal, and can incorporate a lot of variability. Check it out.

  • abbysdad

    Neat. I might have to pick this up too.

  • I’ve eyed it since the starter set was released. At 15mm you can get a ton of beasties/figures for a great price, and play on a smaller area.