New crew and new magazine for Dust Chronicles coming later this month

By Polar_Bear
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Dec 21st, 2013

Dust Chronicles has a new lineup behind the pages for their magazine. They’ve also got a whole new magazine coming later this week, too.


From the announcement:

Dust Warfare and Tactics lovers, Attention!
Dust Chronicles has a new crew in the turret and is targeting release of the newest issue for Christmas Eve, 2013. Not only will a new issue of Dust Chronicles be available, but a new sister publication, Dust Hintergrund will also premiere.
As Battlefront drives Dust into 2014, Chronicles has undergone an upgrade and has new camouflage. Player driven content, international submissions and news directly from Paolo Parente and Battlefront are in the mix.
Hintergrund, which is German for background, takes a more in-depth look at player-developed histories, art and writing in the world of Dust.
Check it out at Available Tuesday, 24 Dec.

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  • umbe0471

    The links are wrong, they should point to Dust Devils

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      This is what happens when people don’t send me the link they’d like to use in the Submit News form and I have to go find what I think is the most relevant spot, instead.

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    Thank you!