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The Axis Romanian Army in 1944
The Romanians Axis ’44 Intelligence Briefing is a comprehensive PDF covering the Romanian forces during the fighting in 1944 as they tried to cling on to the Crimea and then as they defended their country from the advancing Red Army. The briefing covers the period from January to August 1944, until they ended their alliance with the Germans and were pressured to fight alongside the Soviets. Now available as a PDF download is the full 52-page briefing along with updated versions of the different sections.

Infantry Aces Result Sheets and Command Charts
As mentioned in the Infantry Aces section of Cassino, we provide versions of the Infantry Aces Result sheets and Command Chart for you to download.

Fielding A Soviet Heavy Tank Killer Company in Flames Of War
In this article we tell you how to field a Heavy Tank Killer Company in place of a standard Tank Killer Company in Flames Of War.

Fallschirmjäger Artillery Battery (GBX43)
A common request amongst the artillery men of the German Army during World War Two was for lighter artillery pieces without a reduction in performance. In March 1942 these requests were heard; and the requirement was met by the simple combination of the trail of the 7.5cm PaK40 Anti-tank gun and the barrel and recoil system of the
10.5cm leFH18M howitzer.

Fallschirmjäger Heavy Artillery Battery (GBX44)
The 15cm schwere Feldhaubitze 18 or sFH18 (German: “heavy field howitzer, model 18”), nicknamed Immergrün (“Evergreen”), was produced by Rheinmetall and Krupp companies and adopted by the German army in 1935. It was the first artillery weapon equipped with rocket-assisted ammunition to increase range. The 15cm sFH18 was also used in the self-propelled mounting of the Hummel.

Goum Company HQ (FR801)
The tales of the Arabian Nights create a vision of a dark desert warrior dressed in flowing robes and a turban. In the cool desert night, he silently infiltrates across the front lines and slits his enemy’s throat while they sleep. This appropriately describes the ruthless Goumier warriors of Morocco.

Goum Rifle Platoon (FR802)
Short, dark-skinned, and bearded, a Goum warrior is lean, wiry, and indifferent to the elements. Their keen eyesight made them good marksmen and their koumia, a short curved knife, was vicious in close combat. They wore their traditional black, brown, and white striped djellaba (a long, loose-fitting outer robe) and a turban with a small ponytail protruding so Allah could lift them to heaven when their task was complete.

Cassino Officer’s Campaign Pack (FW219A)
To assist campaign organisers we came up with the Cassino Officers Campaign Pack. This pack contains a massive 39” x 22” Officer’s Planning Map, a sturdy Map Case, ten Cassino Ace medals and a Black Wet-erasable pen to use in conjunction with the map.

Fusiliers Motocyclistes Squad (FR400)
Each peleton de fusiliers motocyclistes, as the motorcycle platoons are known, has a headquarters and two groups of fusiliers divided into two sections each with an FM 24/29 light machine-gun. The headquarters has the platoon commander and the combined VB rifle-grenadiers of the platoon.

Fusiliers Motocyclistes Squad (FR400)…