New Citadel Edge Paints from Games Workshop

By Polar_Bear
In Games Workshop
Mar 24th, 2013

Games Workshop helps with those finishing touches on your painting hilights with their new Edge Paints.

From the release:

The Citadel Edge Paints have been developed to help give your miniatures a final sharp, bright highlight.

These paints originally came as a request from the ‘Eavy Metal team, but they’re not just for use by the finest miniature painters in the world! In fact, matter what level of painter you are, these paints are designed to do one thing: help you to create great-looking miniatures by giving them a showcase-worthy finish.

Previously available in a limited set, they proved to be pretty damn popular. So, we decided to release them as individual paint – and they’re available to buy right now.

There are 9 paints in the range, from Fulgrim Pink to Dorn Yellow. They each possess the same formulation as the Citadel Layer Paints, but come in a much lighter shade. This means they’re the perfect colours and consistency for using alongside the rest of the Citadel Paint range. (So good are they, that some claim they were brewed by the master artisans of the Old World, but we’ll not encourage such scurrilous rumours.)

Head over to today and start choosing your colours.

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  • ater daeus

    The fact that they try to sell this as paint for the best in the world is insulting. The best painters (and good painters) know that edgeing certainly doesn’t require a special paint. These are also $4.25 for the smallest amount on the market. It’s a shame that new painters fall for the marketing behind the new paint line.

  • blackfly

    More hogwash from the rip-off kings. Just add white.

    • grimbergen

      “Just add white.”
      — and that’s the problem. Just adding white isn’t the correct formula for many colors. I don’t want to be highlight my blood angels in pink.

      And I don’t want to keep wasting time finding formulas and mixing and remixing if the shade isn’t correct as previous paint sessions.

      The price is the payment for convenience, but realistically, I waste so much paint mixing and not using it all up that in the end this pays for itself in both time and actual paint costs.

      Also, not sure if this formula has it, if it’s thinned down a little more I’d jump on it even faster.

  • keltheos

    I’m lazy and can afford it. Why should this be a Bad Thing for painters who don’t have the time to mix their own?

    I’m already eyeballing a few colors to add to my collection.

  • Veritas

    These look interesting, but $4.25 for a 12ml pot of paint? I hope the pigment is made from crushed coral found only in the ruins of Atlantis and suspended in the tears of 7th century virgins.