New Brightest Day Action Pack previews

WizKids has sent along three new previews of their figures from the upcoming Brightest Day Action Pack.

From their announcement:

After the Blackest Night Starter comes the Brightest Day. Heroes thought long dead are resurrected by the power of the White Lantern to fight evil anew. Why these heroes? What is their connection? Find out with the DC HeroClix Brightest Day Action Pack. This action pack includes seven highly-detailed 3D miniature and two Brightest Day-themed maps.  

Martian Manhunter:
 J’onn J’onzz, the Manhunter from Mars, was killed by Libra and the Human Flame during Final Crisis, and later returned as a Black Lantern during the Blackest Night. As a Black Lantern, Martian Manhunter battled his former allies – especially The Flash and Green Lantern – seeking to kill them, so they too could be recruited into the Black Lantern Corps. J’onn was returned to life through the power of the White Lantern, and is searching for the reason he was chosen for a new beginning.

Egyptian Princess Chay-ara and her lover Price Khufu were murdered, but their love caused them to be reincarnated countless times throughout the ages. Reincarnated as Shiera Hall, she took the name Hawkgirl, and with Hawkman – the reincarnated Khufu – they fought for justice with other costumed heroes, including the All-Star Squadron.  Later, Kendra Hall, Shiera’s cousin, inherited the Hawkgirl identity. During the Blackest Night, Hawkgirl was murdered by Black Lantern Sue Dibney, and returned as a Black Lantern herself. When the power of the White Lantern brought heroes and villains back to life, Hawkgirl returned – but is was not Kendra Hall who wore the mantle of Hawkgirl. Shiera Hall – reincarnated anew – bore the n-th metal wings, and possessed the memory and skills of all her past lives.

Ronny Raymond shared the Firestorm Matrix with Prof. Martin Stein for many years, fighting evil in New York City and around the world. However, his heroic life was cut short by Shadow Thief. Jason Rusch inherited the Firestorm Matrix, sharing it with his girlfriend, Gehenna. When Ronny Raymond returned as a Black Lantern, he absorbed Jason into a twisted version of the Firestorm Matrix, and slew Gehenna. The power of the White Lantern restored Firestorm to life – still with Ronny and Jason sharing the matrix. The two struggle with one another and with their new identity.