New Brigade Models tanks added to the APCR range

Assault Publishing has added some more Brigade Models tanks to their APCR range over in their webshop.


From the release:

The new batch of Brigade Models minis was added to the Assault Publishing Choice Repacks range.

The full list of new APCR models is below:

• APCR-2001 Commandos in power armours (Tier V infantry)
• APCR-2401 Couguar grav tank (Advanced Combat Vehicle)
• APCR-2402 Hermes (Recon Vehicle)
• APCR-2403 Ocelot grav tank (Light Combat Vehicle)
• APCR-2501 Montsabert Mk.I (Medium Combat Vehicle)
• APCR-2501a Montsabert Mk.II (Medium Combat Vehicle)
• APCR-2501b Glorie (Medium Support Vehicle)
• APCR-2501c Juin (AA Vehicle)
• APCR-2503 Garibaldi (Advanced Combat Vehicle)
• APCR-2901 Caribou (Flexible Attack Craft)

You can order them in the Assault Publishing on-line store, together with other dedicated repacks for PMC 2640 as well as the ruleset itself.

Happy New Year for everyone!