New book releases from Casemate

Casemate Publishing have announced several new historical books.

The Waterloo Archive Volume I: British Sources Gareth Glover
In the first groundbreaking volume of a new series, acclaimed Napoleonic scholar Gareth Glover brings together previously unpublished material relating to the Battle of Waterloo. The hitherto unseen British material contained in Volume I includes: a series of letters written by a senior officer on Wellington’s Staff to Sir Thomas Graham immediately following the battle: The letters of a member of the Wedgewood family in the Guards at Waterloo:
6 x 9, 304 pages, 8 pages of plates, 9781848325401, $50.00, hardback, Frontline Books, 3/23/2010

Escape, Evasion And Revenge
The True Story of a German-Jewish RAF Pilot Who Bombed Berlin and Became a PoW by Marc H Stevens
Peter Stevens was a German-Jewish refugee who escaped Nazi persecution as a teenager in 1933. He joined the RAF in 1939 and after eighteen months of pilot training he started flying bombing missions against his own country. He completed twenty-two missions before being shot down and taken prisoner by the Nazis in September 1941. To escape became his raison d’être and his great advantage was that he was in his native country.
6 x 9, 224 pages, 45+ mono plus 1 map, 9781848841062, $39.95, hardback, Pen & Sword, 3/10/2010

The Mkb42, Mp43, Mp44 And The Sturmgewehr 44 by Guus De Vries
The fourth volume of the Propaganda Photo Series, a unique series of books on World War II small arms. Each volume covers all essential information on history & development, ammunition & accessories, codes & markings and contains photos of nearly every model and accessory. The most important quality of the Propaganda Photo Series however, is a unique selection of original German World War II propaganda photos, most never published before.
9 x 9, 152 pages, 220, 9789080558366, $39.95, hardback, S.I. Publicaties BV, 7/19/2001

Battle Of Heligoland Bight 1939
The Royal Air Force and the Luftwaffe’s Baptism of Fire by Robin Holmes
The story of the first British bombing raid of the Second World War, of why Bomber Command flew by night and of the Wellington Mk.1A are all closely linked together. It is a story of the stone age of strategic bombing.

On the 4th of September 1939 Squadron Leader Paul Harris led 149 Squadron to Brunsbüttel, Wilhelmshaven in a Mk. 1 Wellington L4302. On the way he ordered that the guns of his airplane be tested, only to make the horrifying discovery that not one of them worked.
6 x 9.25, 190 pages, photo section, 9781906502560, $39.95, hardback, Grub Street Publishing, 1/19/2010

Under Himmler’s Command
The Personal Recollections of Oberst Hans-Georg Eismann, Operations Officer, Army Group Vistula, Eastern Front 1945 by Hans-Georg Eismann, edited by Fred Steinhardt

Under Himmler’s Command addresses two areas of World War II hitherto neglected – Heinrich Himmler as a military commander, and the German staff officer corps during the last months of the war on the Eastern Front.

The author, Hans-Georg Eismann, was the Operations Officer for Army Group Vistula, a German formation created in late January 1945 to which Heinrich Himmler was appointed as commander. 6 x 9, 176 pages, b/w photos, maps, 9781874622437, $49.95, hardback, Helion & Company, 1/19/2010