New Bolt Action M18 Hellcat tank destroyer available

Warlord Games makes enemy tank commanders shake in their boots with the release of the new M18 Hellcat Tank Destroyer.



From the release:

A much-requested addition to our range of Bolt Action resin vehicles is now here – the US M18 Hellcat!

The fastest tracked armoured fighting vehicle of World War II with a top speed up to 60 mph (92kph), the M18 Hellcat was an American tank destroyer armed with a 76mm cannon.

The Hellcat’s prodigious speed was attained by keeping it’s armour to no more than 1? thick. Hellcat crews quickly learned took advantage of the vehicle’s speed to minimise the enemy’s ability to pierce its thin armour. Hellcats used their speed to outflank and penetrate the side and back of the heavily armoured German Tiger and Panther tanks.