New Blood Angel pre-orders from Games Workshop

By Polar_Bear
In 40K
Dec 6th, 2014

Games Workshop has some new Blood Angels units, books, and datacards available to pre-order over in their webshop. And we continue to see the shift to 32mm bases, as all the troopers and the new Sanguinary Priest come with them. Though the priest’s base is listed as “scenic” due to the little bits of rubble found on it.


From the website:

The Sanguinary Priests are the Apothecaries of the Blood Angels, charged with preserving the Chapter’s precious gene-seed. Each Priest carries a blood chalice, each believed to contain a sliver of the essence of Sanguinius himself and which galvanises nearby Blood Angels to even greater feats of heroism.

This 11-piece plastic kit makes a Blood Angels Sanguinary Priest armed with a double-edged chainsword. He holds aloft a blood chalice and is equipped with a narthecium, the instrument of all Space Marine Apothecaries. It also includes a scenic 32mm round base.

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  • blkdymnd

    I swear, I run down the list and everything looks good, the prices are a bit high, but not horrible at times, and then I get to one $30 model on a 30mm base and I just don’t understand how these sell ever.

  • Drapetomanius

    I laughed pretty hard at the price on this model. 11-piece plastic kit? That doesn’t convince me that it’s worth $30. It’s just one small sprue.

    I guess they can try to get people to buy it, but this just calls out for a third party to make a sweet proxy for half the price.

    • tuco

      I’d expect that most Blood Angels players can get enough stuff from their bits box to assemble a more than passable substitute for this guy without dropping $30 on him.

      • That’s what I was thinking.

        I mean, I don’t know very many 40k players who don’t prefer to convert their heroes out of their other kits.

        But I guess they expect to sell very few of him, so that’s why he’s priced slightly lower than a ten man squad.

  • pagumb

    I agree with previous posters about the price of this (and by extension) all of their character models. I keep waiting for them to try the experiment of dropping the price to say $10 and see if they make up the difference in volume. Not holding my breath mind you but still left wondering if there isn’t some point where volume times moderate pricing brings in more revenue that what they currently do.

    • Ah- the point of diminishing returns. Yeah, they might be past that one already.

      But maybe they thought that an 11 piece plastic kit makes sense at $3 less than a 90+ piece plastic kit (the death company and Sanguinary Guard).

      Really, the more I look at it, the less sense it makes to me.