New Blitzkreig articles and other FoW news

Battlefront have posted several new articles on the Flames of War website with a focus on the French forces and models in their Blitzkrieg expansion for Flames of War.

Fighting For France
When the Germans invaded the Low Countries on 10 May 1940, France had four armies and the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) covering the Belgian border. While the Seventh Army hastened across Belgium to assist the Netherlands, the BEF, First, Second and Ninth Armies swung up to the line of the Dyle and Meuse Rivers.

French Forces In Blitzkrieg
When the Treaty of Versailles had crippled Germany began to fail in the early 1930’s France responded by building the Maginot Line, a monumental line of fortifications facing the German border. This fit well with the philosophy of the Armée de Terre, the Ground Army (as opposed to the Armée de l’Air, the Air Army), which had drawn the conclusion from the war that a good defence would always beat a good offence.

Staff Early War Armies – Mike’s Escadron de Reconnaissance
Being a reconnaissance man and a bit of a Francophile, I was immediately drawn to the French recon lists in Blitzkrieg. I was please to have all sorts of armoured cars to choose from, but the one that stands in front of them all is the Panhard AMD-35.

Yet More Army Deals!
We take a look at some more Army Deals that will be available once Blitzkrieg has been released. On this occasion we present the Polish Infantry Battalion (Batalion Piechoty) and the French Infantry Company (Compagnie de Fusiliers-Voltigeurs) for your viewing pleasure.

Dogs and Devils Battle Report – Valmontone
When Ken was working on Dogs and Devils he came up with a great scenario pitching the forces of Task Force Howze and 5. Schwere Kompanie of Hermann Göring Schwere Aufklärung’s Battalion at Valmontone. The scenario and Ken’s notes inspired us to play a cut down version that we knew we could play through over the course of a lunch hour. The full version, along with the history of the battle, will be up on the website in the coming weeks so you can see what got us all excited!

Grenadier Guards During Operation Market Garden Goes Under Review
The Grenadier Guards were formed in 1658 as the Royal Regiment of Guards and served as the personal guard of the exiled King Charles II. The regiment was raised in Flanders from loyal troops that joined Charles in exile. The unit returned with the king to England in 1660 and was renamed the First Regiment of Foot Guards.

Unofficial Missions Get A Makeover
David Devere has been kind enough to take the time to create PDF versions of the Unofficial Flames Of War Missions.

Panzerdivisions Ost PDF Change
Initially overlooked when the PDF for the Panzerdivisions Ost Intelligence Briefing went up on the site, the PDF now includes the following rule for the Panzerkampfgruppe:

You must field at least one Panzer Platoon equipped with the same model of tank as the Company HQ.

So nothing to dramatic. This keeps it in line with similar German panzer Intelligence Briefings that are available.