New Blackwater Gulch Kickstarter Launched

By Polar_Bear
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Nov 14th, 2012

Gangfight Games launched a new Kickstarter in order to fund the next expansion for Blackwater Gulch.

From the campaign:

Blackwater Gulch is a tabletop skirmish game based on the Wild West. We launched our first successful Kickstarter campaign for the game back in March. Now that the models we produced are about to be shipped to previous backers, we are launching this new campaign, Rebels & Reinforcements, to fund even more miniatures! We have several all new gangs planned, along with new 3-man “Support Packs” that will expand upon our existing gangs. We’re also offering lots of new bonus figures, custom dice, laser cut building kits and more!

For more information on all of the new models and other goodies we have planned, please visit the Kickstarter campaign page.

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  • cybogoblin

    Four words: Old west Firefly crew.

    Only five of them, but it’s a start.

  • Darsc Zacal

    I passed up their first kickstarter because I felt I already had the characters they were offering covered from other mini manufacturers.

    This time it’s different. Besides the Tranquility crew and a few other homage characters, they’ve added a few gangs featuring characters that are a bit different from the usual selection of Old West mini’s. With the buildings that they are also offering as addons, this was pretty much a nobrainer for me to back.

  • I think I’m in, but would be more willing to do so if I had the products from their first KS in my hands, but alas I’m still waiting.

  • Necros

    Thanks folks 🙂

    And we’re working really hard to get the old orders done and out the door. Currently still waiting on the printer. It’s like agony, so close I can taste it, but then I have to wait and wait even more. I’m really sorry for all of the delays before, I had to learn the hard way. We’ve taken steps to streamline the production for the new campaign, but we also planned way in advance too just in case. So we’re saying July 2013 as a release date, but hopeful that it will be much sooner. I’d rather people are happy to get something early then disappointed that it came late.

    • Understandable; and I should clarify, as your note reminded me, that previous KS supporters have the option of getting the goodies sans box and paper. If I had chosen that option, I would have my goodies in my hand right now.

      • I didn’t even realize that was an option last time.. I would have gone for it.

        • You can still do that if you don’t want to wait. Simply send an email off and they will take care of you.

  • Brodee

    Thanks Varagon for the heads up. I didn’t realize I could get the minis without the box or would have done so from last campaign.

    I, too, am concerned about a second kickstarter before the first ones have shipped, but I’ve seen enough pictures to know they are coming, and i’m just being impatient.

    I’m also very curious if new sculptors are being employed for this new Kickstarter? I really thought the concept art from the first batch was top notch, but didn’t feel the actual sculpts lived up to the art. (I’m looking at you, Bandidos)

    • Nightbee

      Those Mexicans are pretty bad, right?

      At least the concept art has been downgraded for this campaign. Seriously, I think the latest concept art more accurately conveys the tone of the game and the spirit of the miniatures. It’s obviously intended to be more of a quick and campy action game than a serious simulation, and the cartoonish drawings convey that much better than the previous campaign’s sketches did.

      • grimbergen

        Yeah… I was a bit disappointed that the sculpts ended up being a lot bland than the concept art they were based on.

  • maroonldr

    I understand that Kickstarter time frames are just guesses and I didn’t mind not having my product yet until they started advertising for this campaign. Giving a longer lead up time is fine too but I’d rather have had the first campaign fulfilled, then starting the next campaign. This has, unfortunately, left a very bad taste in my mouth.

  • Orca

    I like much more the first characters, the onset…