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New Beyond the Gates of Antares Releases Available to Order From Warlord Games

Warlord Games has a whole bunch of new releases they're taking orders for for Beyond the Gates of Antares, their sci-fi miniatures wargame. They've got a starter set for their newest faction, the Virai. They've got a new supplement in the form of the Dronescourge Returns book. And the Algoryn, C3, and Freeborn also have new kits coming their way.


1x Virai Dronescourge – First Instance
2x Virai Dronescourge – Defender Squads
1x Virai Dronescourge – Weapon drone with flamer array
1x Virai Dronescourge – Secondary Instance command
1x Virai Dronescourge – Constructor squad
1x Virai Dronescourge – Virai STAA probe shard
Virai Dronescourge – Scavenger squad


The action intensifies in Beyond the Gates of Antares as a long-forgotten threat re-emerges. Introducing a new range of exquisite Sci-Fi models with an utterly alien and unique look, new units such as Privateers, plus new equipment and rules for all existing races…


It is heavily protected with a combination of fixed-emission hyperlight defences and strategic kinetic shielding. The Bastion is capable of carrying the largest and heaviest of mobile weapons; it is generally armed with a heavy magnetic cannon as its principal armament.


They are essentially siege weapons that are designed to break apart immobile targets, and any enemy defending them. They are a specialised but essential weapon in the armouries of the Algoryn Prosperate as they are in all advanced forces of Antarean space.


Having studied the Chryseis Locus and the Shamasai Shard, she is aware of just how vulnerable she is in a frontline role against nanospheres that can easily destroy her protective nano-drone.


Captain, now Admiral, Kalemon is one of Antares’ most opportunistic adventurers. Privateer Admiral Taras Kalemon is wily and ambitious and has been accused of lacking any morals. He is, perhaps, the ultimate opportunist but knows when a little planning ahead could go a long way.

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