New Axis & Allies Fleet Bases from GF9

Gale Force 9 have added a new series of Axis & Allies Fleet Bases.

Allies Single base

From their announcement:

New Fleet Bases from Condition Zebra, the latest series of ships and planes for Axis & Allies Naval Miniatures are available in the GF9 Online Store. Now you can base your entire collection.

Gale Force Nine’s Axis & Allies Naval Miniatures Bases for Task Force are officially licensed from Wizards of the Coast. These bases are great way to display and play with your fleets.

An Axis & Allies Naval Miniatures Base contains all the critical information players need to reference during play: Armor, Vital Armor, Hull Points and Speed. A national icon allows players to distinguish between each others fleets. Every set includes bases for everything from the biggest battleships to the smallest cruisers and airplanes.

Each base is laser cut from clear blue plastic that looks great on a watery gaming table. Axis and Allies ships can be easily attached to their base with poster putty for a strong, temporary bond that won’t harm your ships or bases. Some miniatures such as planes and submarines already have clear bases, in this case the GF9 base has a cut-out that the model’s base fits into. With Gale Force Nine’s Axis & Allies Naval Miniatures Bases on your fleet, games go faster, battles are resolved easily and everyone has more fun.
Find these new Fleet Bases and our entire line of Axis & Allies Naval Miniatures accessories HERE on our online store and look for our Fleet Bases Sets in your favorite game & hobby store.

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