New articles and spotlights for Flames of War

The Flames of War website was updated yesterday with several new articles and product spotlights

St. Oedenrode Scenario
A Hell’s Highway Scenario (as first appeared in Wargames Illustrated 264). Once the 101st Airborne Division parachuted into Holland on 17 September 1944, they began the task of capturing the bridges assigned to them. One of the bridges assigned to the 502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment was the bridge over the Dommel River at St. Oedenrode..

Mid-War Monsters – Breakdown Rescue Mission Battle Report
Blake and John play the Breakdown Rescue Mission with German and Soviet forces and Mid-war Monsters. (This article first appeared in Wargames Illustrated 262).

Against the Flood – Operation Uranus (I)
Wolf Höpper examines Soviet Operation Uranus, the encirclement of the German 6th Army in Stalingrad. The battle for Stalingrad is probably the best-documented single engagement during WWII, but still many historical aspects are only available to serious students.

Operation Hubertus – Ljudnikov’s Last Stand in Stalingrad.
Wolf Höpper begins a day by day account in his series of articles looking at the last German offensive for Stalingrad.

Afternoon Painting Challenge with the War Paint Range
Matt Parkes takes up the afternoon painting challenge using the War Paint range of spray cans.

Fallschirmjägerkompanie AA Quad (GE537)
Not satisfied with the rate of fire of the single barrelled 2cm FlaK38, the quadrupled barrelled version of the FlaK38 boosted an impressive rate of fire of 1800 rounds per minute.

Fallschirmjäger Platoon (GE762)
Only the best volunteers were selected for the Fallschirmjäger, and then these enthusiastic and intelligent volunteers were put through a vigorous training regime.

Pioneer Platoon (FJ) (GE766)
A company of Fallschirmpionier could be counted on to hold any objective. Few forces without overwhelming odds have a chance in rooting them out once they are determines to stay.

12cm sGW43 Heavy Mortar (FJ) (GE568)
The 12cm heavy mortar gave German infantry units a support weapon with greater firepower than other mortars commonly in service at the time such as the 8cm GW42 medium mortar.

Fallschirmjäger Snipers (GSO122)
The Fallschirmjäger Snipers pack contains three sniper teams and three small bases. The figures are suitable for Early, Mid and Late War and are available via Special Order.